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Welcome to FAVOR LowCountry

Our Mission:  To Promote the Long-term Recovery from Substance Use Disorders Through Education, Advocacy and Recovery Support Services; Resulting in Healthier Individuals, Families and Communities.

The fact is that people who suffer from addiction do recover & go on to lead fulfilling lives.

Recovery is a reality!   Join us.

About FAVOR LowCountry


Who is FAVOR LowCountry?

  • Faces and Voices of Recovery (FAVOR) Lowcountry is a group of individuals in the LowCountry of SC who are either allies of recovery or in recovery.
  • We tell our stories of hope & success to show recovery is possible in order to change the way addiction is viewed and treated.
  • FAVOR Lowcountry advocates for recovery and for creating opportunities for others to become and stay well.
  • Recovery is a deeply personal journey and it happens in communities and needs the support of our community.


What We Believe

  • Addiction recovery is a reality in the lives of millions.
  • There are many paths to recovery.
  • Recovery flourishes in supportive communities.
  • Recovery is a voluntary process.
  • Recovering people are part of the solution.
  • Recovery gives back what addiction has taken away.

The World of Addiction

  • We have a crisis in this country. There is an epidemic of substance use.
  • Opioid, Alcohol and other addictions are among the top leading causes of death in America.
  • Public perception is that people with addiction problems do not recover.
  • Research emphasis has been focused on addiction and its treatment - rather than recovery.
  • The war of drugs has shifted to a war against users – pushing incarceration over rehabilitation.
  • Health insurers discriminate against people with addiction problems.
  • Stigma forces people into the shadows where they can die!
  • The way we think, talk & write about substance use disorders matters.
  • It is a community problem

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FAVOR Lowcountry

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